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Shout (Alessandro Gottardo) / Jetlag 1
Shout (Alessandro Gottardo) / Jetlag 1
Shout (Alessandro Gottardo) / Jetlag 1
Shout (Alessandro Gottardo) / Jetlag 1
Shout (Alessandro Gottardo) / Jetlag 1
Shout (Alessandro Gottardo) / Jetlag 1
Shout (Alessandro Gottardo) / Jetlag 1
Shout (Alessandro Gottardo) / Jetlag 1


Shout (Alessandro Gottardo) / Jetlag 1


An operation of art and publishing that is impossible to categorize. A unique aseptic environment, suspended in time and space: like being anywhere and nowhere. A series of very precise portraits of individuals seen in their travels around the world, captured in moments of dialogue with themselves. A tangle of sensations and streams of consciousness, in the chaos of contemporary life. Impeccable minimalist graphics for pieces of lives and lives in pieces. An unclassifiable object that is a lucid concentrate of emotions, aesthetics, design, social critique, literature, passion, detachment. A product at the avant-garde of the new millennium.

Concept, art direction and design by Franco Cervi
Texts by Ferruccio Giromini

Release date: September 2006 / Edition of 500


Artist: Shout (Alessandro Gottardo)
Title: Jetlag 1
Language: English with Italian translation printed on a separate booklet
60 cardboard pages, 5.9 x 7.9 x 1.4 in. / 15 x 20 x 3,5 cm
48 illustrations in full color
Four-color printing plus special varnishes on coated paper in matt finish
Board book
Catalogue number: DC 002
ISBN: 978-88-95165-01-1


The meeting of Franco Cervi, a brilliant, minimalist designer, Alessandro Gottardo, a terse, expressive illustrator, and Ferruccio Giromini, a caustic, vigorous writer, led to the desire to do something together (...). The result is this book/non-book: 60 paperboard pages of teamwork, bearing the signs of passage of all three. Where aesthetics, graphics, illustration, social analysis and literature combine to monitor the movements of the Third Millennium.
48 icy, merciless portraits of 48 visages and talking heads, caught talking to themselves in the mirror in some glossy non-place in the world, an airport, a hotel, an office, a rest room, a megastore. An object of refined design, chilly and high-tech, disguised as a book.
—La Repubblica



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