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What is 279 Editions?
279 Editions is a publishing house that produces books of visual arts and graphic design. Every book is a genuine artistic and editorial project that highlights the talent of one or more creative figures, presented in a refined publication with distinctive design language. Every 279 Editions project-book is printed and bound using sophisticated techniques of extremely high quality, as well as being published in small runs which are often limited and/or numbered. In addition, 279 Editions offers a very select collection of artistic prints, signed and numbered by the creator.

What does 279 mean?
279 is a project that springs from Franco Cervi's love for art and design. It is his personal creative vision and gets its name from his favorite Pantone color that match his date of birth (27th September).

What does Franco Cervi do at 279 Editions?
Franco Cervi is a designer who has created a means of presenting his graphic design works without having to water them down with editorial and commercial compromises. As the publisher, editor and creative director of 279 Editions, in addition to offering his own personal projects, he selects artists whose work he wishes to produce and who will make regular contributions to the expression of a rich, distinctive and refined creative vision.

How is 279 Editions different from other publishers in the sector?
279 Editions believes in quality: every book published, as well as being an original product in every way, always features a concept, development and attention to detail that are highly characteristic in artistic and editorial terms.

Where can I find 279 Editions books and prints?
The quickest way to get hold of one of our products is to buy it directly on our website with PayPal or a bank transfer, by clicking on "Add to cart" next to the title. The security of the digital transactions is completely guaranteed.
It is also possible to find our works in certain select Milan and New York bookshops (the list of stores selected by 279 Editions is currently being completed). Bookshops can purchase the entire 279 Editions catalogue through our distributors.
The limited edition prints can be bought directly from the site in the same way as the books and from selected art galleries (the names of which are currently being established).
We recommend that you consult our terms of sale.

Does 279 Editions also create graphic design projects to order?
Yes. For twenty years a team of senior designers has been producing quality graphic design projects for an international, prestigious clientele. We work in different areas of graphic design, such as identity, print and web design.

How can I present you with an idea, a finished project or a proposal for a joint project?
Just contact us. 279 Editions will respond to every assessment request, whether it is accepted or not. If the request is turned down, the material sent to us will be destroyed. Please bear in mind that the material sent to 279 Editions must be original in both its inspiration and production.

What do I stand to gain by sending you my material?
Once we have accepted your proposal, we will be pleased to have a private discussion with you about a possible joint project and its contractual and economic aspects.

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